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RhinoCAM at AirMotive Specialties RhinoCAM at AirMotive Specialties

One of the most exciting things we get to do here at MecSoft is giving voice to many of the hard-working men and women who use our software on a daily basis while fulfilling their life’s passion through manufacturing.

Dave Teeters, president, and operator of AirMotive Specialties, Inc. (Salinas, CA) has been building airplanes since the age of 10. This is his story.

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Foamlinx Foamlinx Uses VisualCAM® to Fly High for Elytron Prototype Aircraft

Foamlinx – parent company of ‘We Cut Foam’, uses VisualCAM for Geomagic to machine the foam based wingbox for the Elytron Aircraft “Elytorn 2S” design. Learn how MecSoft’s CAD and CAM software help the CNC machining process and the challenges of creating these unique foam parts.

bd-micro VisualMILL Goes Airborne: 007 Style!
At MecSoft Corporation, we love to see our products being used by all different types of businesses and individuals. We do our best to make our software as adaptable as possible. With this in mind, we love hearing about our CAM products being used by interesting and exciting companies. BD-Micro is one of those companies, and we couldn’t wait to team up with them to write this case study! BD-Micro Technologies, Inc. of Siletz, Oregon manufactures a specialty high performance, jet powered experimental aircraft kit. If you’ve seen Roger Moore as James Bond in the 1983 film, OctoPussy, then you may have an idea of what BD-Micro manufactures.
Mosquito Airplanes MecSoft Restores the Pride of the Royal Air Force
Through the efforts of several passionate individuals and skilled companies, Auckland in New Zealand has become the world centre of Mosquito WW2 aircraft restoration and reconstruction. In 2013 the first of these planes flew again and has since been seen at air shows in New Zealand and North America.
craighuntington VisualMILL does helicopters!
Helicopters West Inc., of Provo Utah, uses VisualMILL for manufacturing specialty tooling for helicopter airframe and gas turbine engine maintenance and overhaul. See why the CEO of this company says: ” For the price and capabilities of the program, and with such great technical support; I almost feel like a thief!
HexPlate1 VisualMill in Aerospace & Defence
Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company is a global leader in energetic systems used in diverse market segments including; minefield and obstacle breaching, military demolition, vehicle protection, tactical weapons, and space & strategic systems.
CliffHoneycutt VisualMILL for SolidWorks takes flight
Cliff Honeycutt, CEO and owner of Key Lime Air, uses VisualMILL for SolidWorks to machine scale models of landing gears for F-18 jet aircrafts. Learn how he uses the 4th axis capabilities of the product to machine complex parts.


1970 Dodge Challenger RT VisualMILL® at Work with Dubes Custom Street Machines!
September 1996, Hudson New Hampshire, Keith Dubes with the help of his wife and friends, opens a small engine repair shop, catering to local customers fixing mowers, trimmers and other landscaping equipment. Keith was also rebuilding cars for himself and his family to drive – simply because I couldn’t afford to buy new ones! One thing quickly led to another and from the images shown here, we can see that Keith’s American Dream has come certainly true!
MS-Murchison-Guitars VisualMILL® at MonsterGy6 Customs – Let’s Ride!
From their shop and showroom in Alpharetta GA, an affluent suburb north of Atlanta and just south of the Chattahoochee National Forrest, MonsterGy6 Customs caters to a cult niche market with a select group of custom Gy6 scooter products and customization, including the Honda Ruckus® and Maddog®.
MetalMoroRaceCar Souping up Race Cars in Brazil
For over 40 years, MetalMoro in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has been producing competitive automotive racing cars and parts. In the last decade, MetalMoro’s Sport Prototipo MCR model race car has amassed an impressive list of victories in major championships, See how VisualMILL for SolidWorks helps up soup up their latest maodel, the Sport Prototipo MRX.
suzuki0 Automotive Engine Dies
Anderson Race Engineering, the company that builds racing components for Team Valvoline EMGO Suzuki’s frames and engines uses VisualMill to speed up production.
CSDie Tooling and Die Machining
Sugiyama Industries of Japan, a top tier supplier to Toyota Motor Corporation, uses VisualMill to create complex steel tools and dies used in the automotive industry for aluminum cast parts.
image Art Center Design School
The Design School at the Art Center in Pasadena designs is renowned world over for its expertise in automotive body design. Learn how students at this prestigious Design School use VisualMill to bring to life the designs of tomorrow.


RhinoCAM Works by Solo
Bernie Solo of Ortonville, Michigan took his passion for photography and digital graphics and in 1993 turned it into a thriving business, Solo StudioWorks creating some of the most compelling CGI (digital graphics imagery) in the automotive industry.  Read more…
RhinoCAM at Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design & Consulting RhinoCAM at Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design & Consulting
What do the Museum of Natural Science in Houston, a World Heritage Site and Quentin Tarantino all have in common? They have all benefitted from the expert design and consulting work of PBE – Paul Bernhard Exhibit, Design & Consulting.  Read more…
Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) RhinoCAM at Advanced Robotic Technology (ART)
Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) is located a few minutes east of Brisbane in Queensland (QLD) Australia. It is a family owned and operated company that prides itself in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art CNC routers, plasma cutters, laser cutters and milling machines. Read more…
Allstar Tactical Allstar Tactical Stays On-target with RhinoCAM®
Allstar Tactical, located in Rochester New York, began in 2008 as an “over the counter” firearms dealer, owned and operated by Mike Centola. Mike quickly expanded the business to building custom rifles for his friends and acquaintances in the local gun clubs as well as for clients from Allstar Tactical’s online store front at Allstartactical.com. Read more…
stand_multiple Alibre CAM: Changing Businesses, One Shop at a Time
Not to toot our own horn, but we hear success stories all the time about how our customers have utilized our software in effective ways, and how it’s helped their business. But our benchmark for a truly satisfied customer changed after speaking to Chris Milligan of CRM Fabrication & Repair. Chris began to tell us how our software has “literally changed his business”, & that Alibre CAM has “brought his manufacturing capacity into the 21st century.” Let’s back up and see what lead to Chris’ success with MecSoft CAM software.
ProtoManufacturing Seconds count on the Race Track
Proto Manufacturing, located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer of short-run, high-precision, functional prototypes for the medical, electronics and motorsports industries. Proto Manufacturing machines parts from aluminum, steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and most plastics. They also have experience with exotic materials including Ultem, Torlon, and tungsten alloys.
grobnershopsmall Native Machine Code
Grobner Fertigungs-GmbH produces prototypes and standard parts for the motorcycle and semiconductor industry. For the company’s owner, Andreas Grobner and his team, quality, precision and the constant improvement of the production processes are very important. Learn how he uses VisualMILL for SolidWorks to help him in this quest
Oscor The Heart of the Matter
Oscor Inc., of Palm Harbor Florida, designs, develops, manufactures and markets a variety of highly specialized implantable cardiac pacing leads, venous access systems and diagnostic catheters. Oscor is also leveraging its proprietary lead technologies and using VisualMILL & VisualTURN toward the development of new lead systems for a variety of cardiac and non-cardiac applications.
mckim Shop Size Doesn’t Matter With VisualMILL Support
McKim Design and Fabrication was founded by an engineer with 15 years of experience in the industry. After starting his own production company in 2006, Mark McKim has proven that it doesn’t take a big shop and a team of tech-experts to get effective returns on investment. All it takes is the right tool.
1a VisualMILL continues the Hoffman tradition
Karl Hoffman GmbH & Company located in Bavaria near Munich, Germany has been in business for over 50 years and has been continuing the family tradition into its second generation. In the early 70’s, Mr. Hoffman started out manufacturing automatic CAM controlled turning machines, which were used to produce rivets from coil. Today the company has over 20 employees with 11 CNC machines.
block Stepping up to 3D with VisualMILL
Advanced Machine Tool (AMT) is a 35-year old company specializing in the development of motors for appliances. For years they had successfully used a pair of CAM programs, Mazak’s CAMWARE and ShopCAM from D. Broderick Software to handle their manufacturing needs, which at the time was 2D only.
csrockshoxbike Production Machining in VisualMILL
VisualMILL’s versatility makes it suited for almost any manufacturing applications. Read how world famous RockShox Corporation makes use of VisualMill in its production line to make complex production prototypes for mountain bikes like the one shown here.
Robot The Kondo Terminator
It was a beautiful spring day in April of 2005. The sun was shining and there were a just a few cotton puff clouds in the azure sky. The humidity that I have come to expect in Tokyo was hardly perceptible and it almost felt like Southern California weather. A gentle breeze was wafting along the narrow streets of central Tokyo as we made our way towards the old quarters.


MS-Murchison-Guitars MecSoft – Enabling Small Businesses
RhinoCAM® Helps Startup Dream Come True!!Confucius once said: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Such is certainly the case with Tanner Murchison of Murchison Made Guitars, LLC. With a love for both music and wood working, Tanner is bringing his dream to life in each finely crafted musical instrument born from his shop in New Prague, Minnesota.
RingMold CNC Technology in Guitar Manufacturing
To offer its customers customized guitars, the guitar manufacturer, Die Klangwerkstatt, relies on the CAM solution VisualMILL of MecSoft. In addition to customized guitars, replications and reproductions can be built of existing guitars and components.
Stuart-Spector-Guitars-Featured-Image Spector Bass Guitars
Stuart Spector began making guitars in the mid-1970s and since that time his world-famous bass guitars have become prized by many artists and musicians, reaching many thousands of players. Stuart’s own testimonial describes his passion for this work.
QLF Custom Pipe Organ Components
QLF Custom Pipe Organ Components has been building components for organ builders throughout North America since 1998. Located in Rocky Mount, Virginia, this company has produced beautiful and functional cabinetry, components, and mechanisms for pipe organs, large and small. Read how MecSoft’s VisualCAD/CAM 2014 plays a significant role in the process.
Chinrest13-sm MecSoft’s RhinoCAM helps in the making of fine violins in France
Rhino/RhinoCAM helps prepare some of the pieces used in making music instruments (violins, violas, and cellos).  It’s a bit unusual in the violin making world. Using the best available tools of my time help me building better instruments. This leads to more creativity and performance.
lakewood2 Lakewood Guitars in CAD/CAM/CNC Harmony
Well-known guitar maker Lakewood Guitars has been using the Rhinoceros/RhinoCAM CAD/CAM-System for building their world famous guitars for many years. RhinoCAM serves as a vital link within their production chain between design and production. Learn why their master luthier is firm upon the belief that, “We would not want to work without RhinoCAM anymore.”
alienguitar Jammin’ with VisualMill
Todd Reith, a well known luthier builds only the best; his guitars are unique in design, uncompromising in detail and quality. The instruments are hand made with only the best tone woods, the best finishes, the best electronics and the best construction methods.
CSWoodworking VisualMILL does mandolins
VisualMILL’s extensive toolpath methods make it ideally suited for wood working applications. Learn how renowned Mandolin maker Michael Heiden uses VisualMill to create his masterpieces.


David Trubridge VisualMILL at David Trubridge Design
From his design studio in the Whakatu region of Hastings, situated in Hawkes Bay in beautiful New Zealand, David Trubridge projects elegance in his signature collection of lighting and furniture designs.
max VisualMILL in Small Business
At MecSoft we pride ourselves on making software that is easy to use. Our goal is for our software to not only be affordable enough for small business owners, but also user friendly enough to be learned quickly. For Max Emmer, we’ve achieved this goal. Max is an independent 3D designer and CNC operator located on the Jersey Shore; & yes you guessed it, he’s a VisualMILL user too! 
TischlereiBacher Production ruled by design.
Bächer, Inc., a furniture and woodworking company based in Germany, uses MecSoft’s RhinoCAM in order to bring their customers’ design visions to life. With the extensive toolkit available to Bächer via RhinoCAM, they are able to control and manipulate their artists’ work to their specifications at any point in the production process.
RainerSchmidt Nothing is too difficult for RhinoCAM
Complex Consulting LLC of New Jersey, can handle any project involving CNC machining, casting, metal fabrication & custom woodworking. And all of this will not be possible without RhinoCAM. “We use RhinoCAM as a Swiss army tool” says Rainer M. Schmidt, CEO and chief designer & machinist …
studiofurniture Studio Furniture Goes High Tech
Studio Furniture is a design studio located in Chesterfield, New Jersey. They utilize VisualMILL to create elements in their furniture pieces such as mechanisms and carved decoration. Using VisualMILL in conjunction with Rhino 3D, they are just beginning to explore the realms of CAD/CAM integration.
handrail_T Homes with class by VisualMill
Advanced Wood Design Mfg. Inc. is located in bucolic Cedarburg in mid-western Wisconsin. Surrounded by apple orchards that have been in operation for 75 years, it is located in a converted apple warehouse just minutes away from the historic downtown Cedarburg.
ripples Elegance and RhinoCAM
Ilan Dei owner of Ilan Dei Studio, located in beautiful Venice Beach California. is an innovative and award-winning designer of furniture and home furnishings for residential and commercial use. He creates his own line of furniture, lighting and home designs and produces products for several national manufacturers.
Fig 2a Still a Master Craftsman
Phill Pittman spent his entire life using his hands to create wood cravings, until a neck injury about twelve years ago limited his use of them. However, he didn’t let that stop him. Instead of crafting only with his hands, he became a digital craftsman, employing software and CNC machines at his company in Garland, Texas called Masterwerkes.
small This Ain’t His Father’s Machine Shop
Tradition is a good thing. Tradition is what has kept a machine shop called Rosengrens family-owned for four generations. However, sometimes tradition has to take a back seat. That what occurred last year when current owner Soren Rosengren decided to take the Limhamn, Sweden-based company that his great-grandfather founded in 1909, into the 21st century.


VisualCAM at Moore Brothers Co.
Moore Brothers Company of Warren, RI is a small but growing startup owned and operated by brothers Oliver and Samuel Moore. The pair have combined their engineering backgrounds, experience in ship building, fiberglass, composites, and CNC machining with their love of the great outdoors! We recently sat down with Moore Brothers to discuss their use of VisualCAM from MecSoft Corporation. Read more…
T-Fay Tech Parts RhinoCAM at T-Fay Tech!
T-FAY TECH, a custom machine shop, in operation since 1998, is located in Elora, Ontario. The geographic location of which is made famous by the spectacular Elora Gorge and its 80-foot limestone cliffs descending into the Grand and Irvine Rivers, a favorite for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
Owner and RhinoCAM user since 2011, Tamas Fay provides custom component manufacturing, machining capabilities, and production CNC machining to the industrial machinery in Ontario and across Canada.
MS-CS-2-2-15-image-3 300x200 2 VisualMILL, the CAM Software for Mold Construction
Lenord + Bauer is an international specialist for sensor and automation technology. The portfolio of the company contains sensors for speed and length based on the principle of magnetic measurement as well as intelligent control and drive systems, focused mainly on the production of customized solutions.
RingMold First Access to RhinoCAM from Philipp Außem
CAD and CAM processes play a major role in my Industrial Product Design Studies. However, I did not know how to combine these two steps of the designing process and the CNC machining process into a continuous work flow. To learn more about this, I participated in some practical training at ehlersdesign in Munich.
RingMold MasterCAM by day and VisualMILL by night
Larry Fultz, the owner of LK Fultz Consulting LLC, has been working with CAD/CAM systems since 1998 and has tried all the major programs on the market. He ultimately settled with VisualMILL CAM Software and has been using VisualMILL for nearly 6 years now and enjoys VisualMILL’s ease of use and streamlined menu structure.
MillMold Micro Molds using VisualMill
JBD Studio located in Yardley, in the suburbs of Pennsylvania is an industrial design house specializing in product development work, and prototype machining. The business hinges upon CAD/CAM for design, engineering, manufacturing and communication tools.
case Jessco Manufacturing finds the Right Tool
Read how Mike Eaton and Chris Fletcher run a two-person machine shop named Jessco Manufacturing Inc. in Washington state, where they make plastic injections molds, as well as design mechanical and plastic parts using VisualMILL.
1-sm VisualMILL in Sweden
Founded in 1987, Plastteknik is a one-stop complete solution company that helps customers right from basic concept through the product completion. With its own internal resources and development staff, Plastteknik carries out product development, CNC milled, turned and vacuum formed prototypes, mold making and injection molding.
CSShoes Machining Molds for Shoes
VisualMILL’s advanced toolpath generation algorithms makes complex mold making easy. Click on image to find out how a $1.9 Billion shoe company, Brown Shoe Corporation makes molds for shoes.
csmold Plastic Injection Molds using VisualMILL
VisualMILL’s advanced toolpath generation algorithms makes complex mold making easy. Fidel Esquivel of JMF Molds of Alhambra, USA, uses VisualMILL to create molds such as the one shown.


MS-MAS-092815 VisualMILL® Assists MAS with DOE Research
Most of us today take electricity for granted. We flip a switch and the lights come on – end of story – unless of course, when they don’t! With daily power demands ever increasing, supplemental energy is added to the nation’s power grid from the Midwest in the form of wind and solar but what happens when demand is up, the wind is calm and the skies are cloudy? Read more…
Chair_Ice_Sculpture_Sm RhinoCAM Enabled Really ‘Cool’ Presentations
Clem Smart Design is a London-based company that designs, prepares, and coordinates very special and very unique presentations for its clients. Amid the many tasks that are required to accomplish these presentations, one task that is very fascinating is the frequent requirement to machine ice for making precision ice sculptures to be included in these presentations and displays.
earbuds Better hearing due to RhinoCAM
Burton Technologies Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters were selected as winners of the prestigious CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award. This award recognizes achievements in product design and engineering. RhinoCAM, CAM software from MecSoft Corporation plays a crucial role in the winning of this award.
Fig-1 VisualMILL meets Hollywood
Ever since Bill Barschdorf changed his profession from scaring kids to entertaining them, he dreamed that there was an easier way to directly create prototype models and sculptures. You see, Barschdorf used to create the makeup and monsters used in Hollywood blockbusters like “Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 4” and The Abyss.
csClock Set in stone
VisualMILL’s high accuracy toolpath methods allow it to be used for intricate machining of high quality prototypes in stone. Find out how Metro Technologies uses VisualMILL in creating masterpieces as the one shown here.
sm Finding the middle ground
Steve Ryan is the owner of RyanTech Engineering, a small design and prototyping firm located in California. His company is a leader in designing innovative battery-powered Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV), as well as other products such as lightweight bikes and racecars.


MS-CS-4-6-15 300x200 2 RhinoCAM and Architectural Design Meet Head-On
LMN Architects, located in Seattle Washington, began as a small architectural firm 35 years ago and has since grown to employ over 130 professionals and it’s very easy to see why. Their projects include large scale government institutions such as performing arts and conventions centers, universities and office buildings.
main Machining 3D Terrain Maps using VisualMILL
Tropos Manufacturing LLC uses VisualMILL to machine scale 3D terrain maps of US States. Terrain data is loaded as STL files and then VisualMILL’s powerful machining algorithms are used to create these accurate models.


Cetehor3 The French Connection
Cetehor is a French government advisory agency that acts as a technical center to assist the French Clockwork, Jewelry, Precious Stone and Metalworking industries. For over 60 years Cetehor has played a key role in helping large establishments as well as small craftsmen in the development of new products.
CSRing Jewelry Production
VisualMILL’s use in the micro-world of jewelry production is a testimony to its adaptability and versatility. Learn how a 100-year-old world famous jeweler, Massoni Jewelers of Rome, Italy is using VisualMILL’s for their productions.


Wrangell Public High School RhinoCAM at Wrangell Public High School
Students in the digital fabrication class in the Wrangell Public High School (Wrangell, Alaska) are getting valuable hands-on experience in CNC programming and machining using RhinoCAM from MecSoft Corporation. Drew Larrabee, industrial technologies instructor at Wrangell Public Schools started his teaching career as a Geologist teaching Math and Sciences but has spent the last 4 years teaching digital fabrication where he and his class produce some wonderful projects.
RhinoCAM® at the MSU School of Architecture
Students at MSU’s School of Architecture (Bozeman Montana) learn how to design the spaces and structures where people live, work and play. The Design & Fabrication Shop at MSU provides students with hands-on experience using the State-of-the-art CADCAM software tools that they will encounter in industry during their careers.
Skateboards RhinoFabStudio: Creating Skateboards and Toolboxes
Three young students got a professional taste of designing and manufacturing by creating their own skateboards in a RhinoFabStudio course at McNeel Corporation in Miami Florida. The students were directly supervised by Andres Gonzalez of McNeel Miami who is in charge of the Digital Fabrication minor.
cs_university_washington_detail_image_5_27_14_final University of Washington Students Use RhinoCam
The College of Built Environments (CBE) at the University of Washington is comprised of four departments: architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, and urban design and planning. Rhinoceros has a substantial use group within the College and with it, RhinoCAM is commonly used to machine shapes, especially in the architecture department.
FabLab_in_Munich RhinoCAM used in FabLab Munich
FabLab Munich is an open high-tech workshop for creative people. It offers learning, experience and working areas: working space, manufacturing equipment, information and communication technology. Furthermore knowledge, inventiveness and socio-culture are combined here. Networking of different fields…
MecSoft-Case-Study-Glass-Carafes Glass Carafes with Rhino & RhinoCAM
Andreas Trenker at the Free University of Bozen in Italy uses parametrics not only to create interesting shapes in Rhino and RhinoCAM but also to impart a very important ecological lesson to his students.  Read more about his project “Trasparente – Glass carafe reflecting the water’s quality” …
kjcc VisualMILL behind Bars!
It was a grey Kansas morning in Feb and the Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCC) in Topeka looked foreboding, like something out of a dark Martin Scorsese movie. There were dark colored buildings with narrow windows with wide spaces around them. A 15 foot fence with razor wire at the top ran around the perimeter of the entire facility. As I got out of the car and shook the cold away, I was filled with a melancholy realization that this facility housed boys and girls who were about my son’s age.
case2 Art fit for the Pope
It is always said that if you enjoy what you do, the results will show up in your work, and this has been the case at the Cleveland Institute of Art. The Professor talked about students who have won scholarships based on designs they created since this system was introduced.
image Art Center Design School
The Design School at the Art Center in Pasadena designs is renowned world over for its expertise in automotive body design. Learn how students at this prestigious Design School use VisualMill to bring to life the designs of tomorrow.